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Innovatus Projects took a remarkable endeavor to transform a space of 92 m2 into a state-of-the-art dermatology clinic. Our team executed this medical fit-out project with exceptional precision and efficiency, completing it within a remarkable three-week timeframe. The objective was to create a facility that not only met the stringent standards of medical practice but also exuded a sense of awe and sophistication. 

To ensure the foundation for our medical fit-out, we began by raising the floor 80mm through meticulous slab topping, enabling us to align it perfectly with existing door heights. This crucial step was followed by the installation of premium vinyl flooring, guaranteeing a hygienic and visually appealing surface for the entire clinic. 

Understanding the importance of providing a seamless experience for both staff and clients, we strategically incorporated various elements into the design. Two elegantly designed vanities, complete with plumbing connections to the existing cold water supply, were seamlessly integrated. Additionally, we concealed a 50-liter hot water unit within the ceiling space, ensuring a constant and reliable source of hot water for the clinic’s needs. 

A key aspect of the project involved the construction of three Ultraviolet blue light rooms. These purpose-built rooms were designed to accommodate cutting-edge machines and clients undergoing skin testing, promoting a safe and controlled environment. Additionally, we meticulously crafted two consultation rooms and a spacious storage cupboard, providing ample space for the clinic’s operations. 

Emphasizing the importance of a welcoming and professional atmosphere, we dedicated extensive attention to the reception and waiting areas. We completely transformed these spaces, incorporating a new reception desk that serves as the focal point. To enhance the overall aesthetic, we installed a 3.6-meter high grid ceiling throughout the waiting and reception areas, emanating a sense of grandeur. The UVB and consultation rooms feature a 3-meter high ceiling, optimizing functionality while maintaining a sense of intimacy. 

Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and modern amenities is evident in the implementation of new data, power, and back-to-base security systems. By integrating these systems seamlessly into the clinic, we ensure efficient operations and safeguard patient information. Furthermore, we installed an array of specified door hardware, shelving, robe hooks, and vanities within the consultation rooms, meticulously chosen to reflect both functionality and elegance. 

Given the critical nature of air quality in medical facilities, we spared no effort in designing and implementing a top-of-the-line HVAC system. The system features dedicated exhaust capabilities for the UVB rooms, ensuring optimal ventilation and maintaining the highest standards of safety. 

Throughout the project, we faced and overcame numerous challenges, most notably navigating the intricate strata processes and requirements. However, our commitment to excellence prevailed, resulting in a flawlessly executed medical fit-out that adheres to all necessary regulations and guidelines. To ensure a holistic approach, we collaborated with renowned experts in the field, including Peter Ancliff of Building Anatomy as the certifier and Corinne Bolton of Elm Interiors, guided by Veronica Srbinoski of Compass Design, for the interior design. 

In conclusion, this remarkable medical fit-out project exemplifies our unwavering dedication to creating a truly awe-inspiring space for dermatological practice. Our team successfully combined meticulous attention to detail, compliance with medical standards, and an elegant design aesthetic, resulting in a truly remarkable and functional clinic that embodies the pinnacle of medical fit-out excellence. 

Wollongong, NSW


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