How office environment affects achievement

The inevitable return to work is here. Hopefully you managed some relaxation over the break and are feeling re-energised and ready to tackle another year, stronger and more tenacious than ever. But given the up’s and down’s of recent history (that’s our *sensitive* way of addressing the pandemic) we wouldn’t blame you for maybe feeling a bit flat about the return to reality.

Therefore, it’s such an important time to re-align yourself with your personal and business goals, and understand the ways in which environment affects the likelihood of achieving them. This post’s opening quote is taken from Harvard Business Review’s article ‘Workspaces that move people’, and though it’s 2014 musings about bringing people together seem slightly redundant now we must keep a metre-and-a-half apart, there are some really great points about the power of workspace environment. It’s a great read.

And if you’re a bit lost on how to even realise your personal/business goals, check out the tools on the Board of Innovation website. Some of our favourites are the ‘5 Why’s’ and ‘10×10’.

Using these sources can help you get back on track for a productive and enjoyable 2021. Once you know where you want to be, it’s easy to curate an environment that will get you there. We encourage you to contact Innovatus Project’s for further advice on how to maximise and upgrade your workspace to succeed your goals for 2021 and into the future.