4 great commercial fit out ideas

The way we work is changing – the old templates for offices aren’t as effective in inspiring new generations to do their best work. Here’s just four great new commercial fit out ideas that can help you keep your workforce engaged and productive, boosting your bottom line in the process.

  1. Foster collaboration. Workplaces are shifting – with new technologies making it possible to work from anywhere, anytime, and a new focus on an Ideas Economy with knowledge work at its heart, businesses are recognising that their people are their greatest asset. Freeing workers to focus on creativity and ingenious answers to business problems means developing collaborative areas that foster great ideas. This can include sit-stand desks that can be pulled together into conversational configurations, stand up meeting tables, virtual whiteboards and meeting spaces that mix lifestyle and office elements.
  1. Time to recuperate. Breakout spaces are on the rise in commercial fit outs as it becomes clear that allowing workers to take brief timeouts from heavy workloads and long hours leads to higher productivity. Dedicated break rooms enable staff to build relationships, recharge their batteries, devote time to focused work or socialise after hours. Add some personality with unique lighting, paintings feature walls and plants (for oxygen), add some casual seating in conversational groups, and consider privacy pods where people can decompress, make conference calls or work in pairs. Encourage brainstorming by ensuring useful tools are nearby – perhaps a quirky blackboard or washable walls. A coffee machine, snack bar, and even a gym will boost energy when it begins to flag, ensuring your people can work longer and smarter.
  1. Flexible spaces. Traditional office environments don’t work anymore. For the first time in history, we’ve got more generations working alongside each other – each with different work styles and expectations. To support everyone to do their best work, a flexible, inspiring space is critical. Also, new business imperatives mean workforces are more mobile than ever – some days remote workers might pour into the workspace to focus on completing a project and the ability to pivot from one task to the next quickly becomes an imperative. Adaptable office fit outs mean organisations don’t need to make considerable investments in furniture. Instead, creating flexibility calls for smarter strategies like leasing what you need, purchasing elements that click together seamlessly and transform single desks into more complex configurations, or selecting privacy screens that can be demounted to reformat valuable business real estate should an influx of staff require it.
  2. Work-life balance. Millennials have challenged the traditional workplace. Within the next seven years, the global workforce will comprise approximately 75% millennials who demand more flexibility in the way they approach work. A collaborative workplace culture that has easy access to technology and integrates work, life and play in the one space is the key to getting the most out of this cohort. True digital natives, they’re blurring the line between work and home, choosing to socialise with colleagues in the office and working remotely when needed. Commercial fit-outs that recognise millennials’ unique work-style will be rewarded with greater loyalty and dedication to purpose: think thoughtful, open spaces interspersed home-like additions like couches and play areas that keep them focused on spending more time at work.
  3. Spaces that support culture and brand. Have your workspace reflect the branding and personality that you are    trying to portray. A strong brand will foster customer loyalty by inspiring positive emotions. Think about designing a space that reflects who you are, the way you work and the personality that you want to show to your customers and clients. Create a more personal and human experience with a space that embodies this and it will show in the way that your staff engage with your customers and how they see your business.

For more ideas on the perfect fit out for your business, let’s talk.